Prusa MK3s Upgrades


Working with the Prusa MK3s (or any other 3d printer i assume) concluded that i needed to upgrade it with some remote control and monitoring feature. Quick Google pointed me to OctoPrint.

First upgrade


Octoprint is a neat piece of software build on top of a Raspberry Pi which is controlled by a nicely designed web interface.

So i bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W (for wireless) since it was supported by the Prusa MK3s Einsy board. Tutorial from Prusa itself can be found here.

Added an OV5640 camera together with a 50cm CSI ribbon cable for a live video feed. Printed out this camera mount on Thingiverse to achieve some angle action.

Light bar

Octoprint was working like a charm. Could upload files to the SD card of the Raspberry Pi and adjust some setting on the fly. The only problem was with the camera. It didn’t perform well in low light conditions.

So i found this solution again on Thingiverse

You can print the parts yourself and buy the components separately (like i did) or support the designer and buy the whole kit from him.

Parts list:

  • 3D Printed parts
  • Wires (used 20 AWG)
  • LED’s 5500k
  • LED Profile Strip
  • Power switch (optionally)
  • Spray paint (optionally)
Sanding the LED profile
Painting the LED profile
Wiring up the LED strip
Locking it all into place
Final result
Final result mounted on Prusa MK3s

Second upgrade

Ball bearing

Ball bearing type 624ZZ

PEI Sheet

Powder coated / smooth PEI sheet