Network Upgrade

Always been a big fan of Ubiquiti wireless gear. So choosing the components for a network upgrade was straightforward. Went for Ubiquiti Edge line for more advanced configuration options and the support of UNMS.

Ended up getting the following devices:

  • EdgeRouter 4P
  • EdgeSwitch 10XP
  • Aircube AC
  • UF-MM-1G SFP Module
  • ACT LC-LC Fiber Optic Cable

Configuring the EdgeRouter or my ISP can be found here.

Connected eth3 of the Edgerouter 4P to port9 of the EdgeRouter 10XP via a fiber optic cable. Just to test is out, never worked with fiber before. The speed was the same as copper. (1Gbps)

Port 1 and 2 of the EdgeSwitch configured as a LAG group for the VMware ESXi server.

Port 3 and 4 PoE for a camera and the Aircube AC

Finally UNMS installed on a VM for easy configuration and maintenance.