Mobile Pentesting

Now that module loading is setup correctly we can proceed to download Kali Nethunter installer script

curl -LO

Install Kali Nethunter

chmod +x kalinethunter

Start Kali Nethunter

tsudo startkali

Apt update & upgrade

apt update && apt upgrade -y

After upgrading Kali we’re ready to proceed to install Wifite. If you’re not familiar with Wifite it’s a handy tool to probe surrounding wireless networks with different kinds of attack.

  • PMKID – Clientless WPA PSK capture
  • WPA – Standard deauth PSK capture
  • WPS – Pixiedust/Bully WPS attack
  • WEP – Weak IV’s
  • etc
apt install wifite bully pyrit macchanger hcxtools hcxdumptool

Run Wifite.


Optionally you can install Bettercap. Bettercap is the swiss army knife when is comes to (wireless) networks and has a neat mass deauth script. (which captures handshakes)

apt install bettercap bettercap-ui bettercap-caplets

Run Bettercap

bettercap -iface wlan1 -caplet http-ui

On your phone point your browser to:

In the caplets tab on top of your screen there is a caplet called “mass-deauth”. Select it and click on the “play button”

Bettercap will start to search for wireless networks and it’s clients and capturing handshakes by deauthing all of them.

Captured handshakes will be stored in the hs directory. Convert these cap files to hccapx with cap2hccapx for use with Hashcat.

So thats it. A fully functioning mobile pentesting device built with your own ROM.

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