Mobile Pentesting

After it finishes. Download the device/vendor tree and kernel for your device. (mine is xiaomi redmi note 7- lavender)

export USE_CACHE=1
ccache -M 50G
. build/
lunch aosp_lavender-userdebug

Now we have to modify the kernel config in order to add support for additional wireless cards.

cd kernel/xiaomi/lavender
export ARCH=arm64
make lavender-perf_defconfig
make menuconfig

In menuconfig add/modify the following items:

  • Enable loadable module support
    • Module versioning support (deselect)
    • Source checksum for all modules (deselect)
    • Module signature verification (deselect)

This is done because if we need to add another module later (kernel only build / make modules) it won’t complain about module signing.

Enable mac80211 and cfg80211 support.

  • Networking support
    • Wireless
      • cfg80211 – wireless configuration API (buit-in select)
      • Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211) (module select)

Enable Wireless Lan device support

  • Device Drivers
    • Network device support
      • Wireless LAN
        • Select wireless lan drivers you need (module select)

I’ve added Atheros HTC (ath9k-htc) support

Ralink (rt30xx) support

And Mediatek (mt7601u) support

Now exit and save config and copy the .config to the kernel config location of Pixel-Experience. Again mine is lavender.

cp .config arch/arm64/configs/lavender-perf_defconfig

We need to run a make mrproper for cleaning up the kernel source

make clean && make mrproper
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