IP Camera to Youtube & WebTorrent

Streaming video is one of the most bandwidth demanding applications out there. Scaling it up to serve a lot of clients can be done by streaming to a publicly available CDN (Content Distribution Network) like Youtube or Facebook but also to your own CDN. Which is a bit more challenging.

Below i’ve embedded two instances of the same stream. The first one is from Youtube. The second one is a Clappr player using a Peer to Peer technique from WebTorrent.

Youtube stream
Clappr HLS/P2P stream

This (P2P) technique is very usefull and efficient in offloading my bandwidth. Which means that traffic is shared between simultaneous viewers of this stream. You can check it out by ‘inspecting’ the player element. Over in console http and p2p traffic is displayed. Demo page screenshot

Continue reading for some more explanation.

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